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Signalator Benefits

Signalator has been a forex trading signals provider for many profitable years. The trading success is based not only on the trading signals we provide but on a number of other factors as well, including but not limited to the money and risk management services, the wide range of signals delivery and execution options, the customer support, etc. Further you will find the comprehensive list of the benefits of Signalator services.

Signalator automated trading mt4 mt5 metatraderAUTOMATED TRADING SIGNALS. All available trading signals may be executed automatically directly on your trading account. Automated trading is available for any metatrader account (MT4 / MT5) with any forex broker. Our traders make trades and the automation software executes them directly and immediately on your account. By the time you receive an alert via Email / SMS, a trade will already be opened. None of your involvement is required. Continue your everyday activity whilst your trading account's balance grows 24*7. Read more about automated trading.


Pay for profits - guaranteed pipsGUARANTEED PIPS - PAY FOR PROFITS. Why pay for trading signals? Pay for profits directly on your trade account. Subscribe to the trading signals service and pay for the net results. Choose any available signals, receive SMS and Email alerts, have your trades executed automatically. Use Signalator trading signals until you make net profits in your account. Subscription expires only when you make net profits. Read more about the guaranteed pips subscription


SMS and Email signalsSMS AND EMAIL ALERTS. All signals are automatically sent via Email and SMS directly to your email box and/or smartphone wherever you are. We send SMS and Email to customers around the world. You receive these alerts without any delays and within seconds after a trade was made. See the examples and the delivery options.


Major currency pairs signalsMAJOR CURRENCY PAIRS. We provide forex signals for the major currency pairs - eurusd, gbpusd, usdjpy, audusd, xauusd (gold) and many more. These pairs are the most popular among the traders. So you get the best prices from your brokers and all trades are easily executed without any liquidity difficulties. Check all available signals.


Signalator managed accountsMANAGED FOREX ACCOUNTS +100% OF DEPOSIT. Double your account size with the Signalator managed account service. Our traders utilize special money management rules, use the most efficient trading signals to trade on your account whilst maintaining the small level of drawdown and relatively high return yield. We take a full care of your trading account. Accounts accepted with any FX brokers. Find out more about the managed account services.


Signalator recommended deposits and investment calculatorRECOMMENDED DEPOSITS & INVESTMENT CALCULATOR. Money and risk management is the key to the profitable trading. Even a profitable trading system without a proper money management may turn profits into losses. The recommended deposits page and the unique tool - Signalator Investment Calculator will help you benefit the most from our services. Signalator offers the individual and the ready-to-follow money management and the recommended deposit levels. Read more about the recommended deposits.


Signalator free vps serverFREE SERVER FOR PLATFORM HOSTING. To have trades executed automatically, a trading platform of your broker must be running during the trading hours, otherwise trades won't be physically executed. We offer the free VPS - the server for your trading platforms. We will install and we will look after your trading platform.


Signalator customer supportPROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Should you require any assistance or any help while using or prior to using our services, the team of professional support managers is ready to help with any Signalator and forex related question. Every client is assigned with the personal manager who will be looking after your account. Need help? Contact us now.


Automated signals resultsAUTOMATED RESULTS PUBLICATION. The quality of our services is the result of the trading we perform. All trading results are automatically published on our website as soon as they happen. We offer live trading results for both profit and loss period. We disclose the full information to be honest and transparent. Check the trading results now.


Detailed signals resultsDETAILED EVERY TRADE STATS PAGE FOR EACH SIGNAL. Every traded signal is provided with a detailed and every trade results page. You will find the overall monthly results, the detailed every trade report, the equity chart, the trading figures (drawdown, monthly profit, win ratio, efficiency, etc). Check the EURUSD XT results page.


Help files knowledge baseONLINE HELP FILES KNOWLEDGE BASE. Each website section is provided with the question and answers block with answers to the most common questions. We value your time and we have developed the knowledge base. Find answers to your questions, read more about our services online. Click here to acquaint yourself with the help files.


Personal page signalsSUBSCRIPTION AND SIGNALS PAGE CONTROL. Every registered customer is provided with the personal page. Manage your subscription, check the current trading signals, find out previously sent trading alerts, contact the support team, edit and update delivery details. To access the personal page, you have to be registered. Click here to register.


Multi language signals websiteUSE SIGNALATOR IN YOUR LANGUAGE. The website is available in several languages, whilst the English language being the primary and the main one. The available website languages are español, Deutsch, français, Русский, 中国的, português, italiano, 日本語To change the displaying language, please use the language form at the top right of any Signalator website page.


Signals payment optionsVARIOUS PAYMENT OPTIONS. Signalator accepts payment via PayPal, Skrill, Credit and Debit cards, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit and others in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF. If you can't find the desired payment option or the desired currency pair, please contact our sales team and we will try to offer the desired payment option for you. Click here to subscribe.