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Signalator Shared Windows Server

Most forex traders use EAs (Expert Advisors) for trading and analysis for both Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5). However, this requires in most cases any Windows running desktop device (PC, VPS or Server). Using your PC is not a good idea for many reasons, that is why most traders use any kind of Windows servers (may also be known as a VPS). Any reliable dedicated server starts from around $100 a month.

Most hosting companies do not know what exactly a forex trader may need from a server. Signalator owns several high-end dedicated servers configured to host metatrader platforms. You can use this service whether you use other Signalator services or not.

Servers Details and Benefits

Signalator owns several high-end servers each costing around $500 a month. When you host your trading platform(s) on a powerfull machine, all your trades will be executed without any delays, connection to MT4 / MT5 servers are provided at extra speeds, extreme CPU provides coverage for all possible loads, huge RAM may contain enourmous amounts of informations.

The overall details are available in the table. As an example of servers we own: AMD EPYC 7443P with extreme CPU mark of 57490, 256 GB of RAM, 2 TB of SSD, Windows Server 2022. Such machine is capable of hosting any kind of trading platform with extreme loads during news releases easily managed.

When your platform is hosted on such a machine, you may be sure all trades and EAs are working as expected without any delays.

We will install your trading platforms and EAs. We will be monitoring the platform and if it gets stuck or requires a reload, we will perform it. We make sure the server has no more than a 50% load in total.

128 GB - 256 GB RAM
SSD 1-2 TB

Installation and Prices

There are two subscription options: managed (when you may connect to the server yourself) and non-managed. For both subscriptions, we will install everything you need, download and configure the required software. For the managed option, you will be able to enter passwords by yourself to your trading platforms.

Both subscriptions include full CPU and RAM usage, up to 50 GB of space within the period of subscription. You may use any signals or EAs provided by any provider or developed on your own.

$15 / month
Non-managed monthly
$35 / month
Managed monthly

Questions and Answers

Can I use the Shared Windows Server if I do not use any Signalator services?
Yes, this service is available on its own and it does not require any other services from Signalator.
How many platforms I can have running?
You may have up to 2 platforms for a non-managed and 3 platforms for a managed subscription. If you need more platforms, you may get more subscriptions.
I do not want to share my trading password. How do I do that?
You shall get a managed subscription. We will install everything and you will enter your passwords by yourself.