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Signalator Affiliate Programme

Signalator services are in high demand. There are several ways to benefit using the Signalator affiliate programme: refer your visitors and clients and get paid (affiliate advertising) or use the Signalator services to offer to your clients to improve your website / services (white label services). You may use any or both programmes. Further you will find details, requirements and benefits for each of an available campaign.

We are always open for new partners and are ready to discuss any new types of partnership. We will be happy to discuss it with you. Please contact us here.

Advertising Campaign

If you have any website, in particular a forex-related one, then this is the best option for you. You will benefit from referring clients to the Signalator website. You will be receiving payment for every unique click (unique IP) and a percentage of a subscription payment.

How it works?

You place a link on your website to the Signalator website. If you put any text, description or any similar information, it will increase a number of visitors coming from your website. Should you have a forex signals or advisors directory, listing or rating, the higher you put our website the more visitors will click on a corresponding link, generating more clicks. There is not need to put any special special parameters within a link. Our system will automatically detect a visitor from your website. Once a visitor is on our website, Signalator affiliate systems adds details to the database. All future purchases and visits will be monitored. You will have an access to an affiliate dashboard where all information is stored and is available at any time.

How much will I get?

All conditions and terms are negotiable. Basic price for one click is $0.05 (pay per click PPC). For the first subscription payment you receive up to 20% and up to 5% (pay per sale) for all consecutive payments. Depending on an amount of visitors you refer and a sales volume, these figures may considerable rise. Payouts may be initiated at any time using any convenient way of payment in a desired currency.

What are the requirements?

There are no requirements at all. There is a number of recommendations to follow to increase your revenue and benefits of a mutual cooperation. These are: a website devoted to the forex will increase click-through dramatically; multi-language pages will also attract more visitors; top ranked Signalator position doubles or triples output compared to below tenth place in rankings. You may refer clients to us even without any website. If someone subscribed to the Signalator services because of your recommendation, let us know and we will add this payment to your referral portfolio.

How to apply?

To become an an advertising affiliate, please use the contact us page. Please include your full name, website URL and all relative information.

White Label Services

Signalator offers reliable forex signals. If you run a forex broker, forex blog or any similar website you may be interested in obtaining our services to attract more clients to your resource. Signalator provides fully customizable platform for distribution of profitable forex signals among your clients as if you were providing them. We may offer signal which suit your particular needs and requirements. Further you will find two the most popular types of partnership.

Upon your request we may elaborate an individual programme to meet your high requirements and demands. Please contact us for more details.

Forex Signals Brokers

If you represent a forex broker and would like to offer you clients profitable forex signals as an additional benefit of having an account with you, then this subscription is the best option. For a fixed yearly fee, we provide access to our services and you widespread Signalator signals under your or Signalator name among your clients (an unlimited number of clients). As a broker you attract a big number of clients. Most of your clients are expected to be non-professionals seeking for a good and reliable trading advice. By offering profitable trading signals, your company looks truthful and client-oriented.

Available subscriptions: 1 year subscription to an unlimited number of clients to Signalator services $7,500. White label signals for 1 year for an unlimited number of clients (you provide signals as your own signals) $10,000. Please contact the Signalator sales department to discuss a subscription.

Forex Signals Providers

If you are running a forex signals website or looking for a reliable signals provider with a neat IT structure, the Signalator white label services are the best in this case. Get a Signalator subscription to provide our signals under your name. We will help you update / upgrade your website (initial and on-going support), maintain client support, send SMS and Email, provide automated execution of alerts. Depending on a complexity of the required website and a number of your clients, prices start from $15,000 a year.

Get a quote today. Please share your requirements and details for a detailed subscription quote.