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The Domino Platform

Currently Domino platform combines several programs and applications. Domino Autotrader, Adviser and Decision Support System (DSS).

Domino Autotrader executes trades automatically on any MT4 / 5 account (including all free Signalator forex and gold signals).

Adviser allows you to optimize and improve any trading strategy (any currency pair or spot instrument). Adviser will squeeze the every bit of profit out of your existing strategy making it more reliable, profitable and less risky. It uses quantitative analysis to optimize lot sizing thus increasing profits and lowering the maximum drawdown based on a number of factors including past performance, the market condition, trading style, etc.

Decision Support System (DSS) helps you close a trade close to TP level even if it was not reached.

The Three Modes Of Adviser

Adviser is offered with three possible modes. Adviser (DE) 1, Adviser 2 and Adviser 3 distinguishing mainly by the effect it is focused on.

ADVISER 1 : generates the same profits with twice as low maximum risk.
ADVISER 2 : doubles the received profits whilst maintaining the same risk.
ADVISER 3 : increases profits up to 5 times and increases the maximum risk by twice approximately.

What Is The Domino Platform?

Signalator Domino Platform combines several Signalator products and services within one product.

Domino platform includes the Domino Autorder (automated trading) module that offers automated execution of trades, signals and strategies (including all Signalator signals).

The Adviser uses advanced lot sizing to increase the efficiency of trading based on your configuration. Morever, it allows you to analyse past results and optimize the strategy.

DSS extension is always on your side monitoring the market and will close the position if TP is not reached but the price is very close to this value.



Adviser Results

With the Domino platform, you may choose one of the available modes to achieve the desired effect. Domino increases the efficiency of trading by optimizing lot sizes. We use the Domino Platform to offer Signalator Energy.

The following example shows how implementation of Adviser affects the results of the Gold signal. These results represent monthly results without a cumulative all time effect. At the beginning of each month, the balance is the same.


Gold Bot

Domino 1 Gold Bot

Domino 2 Gold Bot

Domino 3 Gold Bot

The longer the Adviser is attached to trading, the more the results will differ. Long-term cumulative results will tend to differ even more as time passes. Considering checking the desired product details to view the difference.

How Does Adviser Work?

Domino Platform executes trades automatically and uses various techniques within quantitative analysis and by changing lot sizing deliver outstanding results. The exact algorithm cannot be disclosed but overall concept is well described below.

While trading with Adviser you won't see more or less trades, we won't be using grid or martingale system. The whole effect is achieved by varying the size of trading based on developed calculations and templates.

No Martingale
Increase lot size
No grid trading
Decrease lot size
No multiple SL / TP levels
Increase allocation
No multiple trades
Decrease allocation
No increase in trades
Same trades


Domino Real Metatrader Account Examples

The best way to show how the Domino Enrgise works is to show a copy of a real account statement of one of our clients. The copy of this statement is available below. The paradoxical situation is showed. The overall result is -32 pips, whilst the total net profit in USD is $41.22 (4.0% net gain of the $1,000 account).

The following table shows how within only 9 trades resulting in -32 pips of profit, -$13 net profit that could be achieved with the recommended deposit trading turned into a $41 net profit account (4% net profit) and $54 difference.

Open Price
Close Price
Pips Result
0.04 lot USD Result
Net USD Result
Difference (Total)
Buy at 1872.57
Close at 1855.83
-167.4 pips
0 (0)
Buy at 1853.51
Close at 1861.33
78.2 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1860.62
Close at 1858.04
25.8 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1844.84
Close at 1843.89
9.5 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1824.82
Close at 1821.97
28.5 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1822.95
Close at 1835.24
-122.9 pips
$36.87 ($36.87)
Buy at 1810.58
Close at 1813.53
29.5 pips
-$8.85 ($28.02)
Sell at 1819.75
Close at 1816.36
33.9 pips
$0 ($28.02)
Buy at 1812.96
Close at 1818.2
52.4 pips
$26.2 ($54.22)
-32.5 pips

Installations and Prices

Get the Domino Platform program starting from $249 / month and have all Signalator signals executed automatically with advanced lot-sizing in your account. Signalator Domino Platform includes Signalator Autotrader and all its features, including all the above-described features and ready-to-use investment programmes.

Domino Platform is available both on a subscription basis and with a one-time payment. All options include all the features and options, and free installation on your PC. Subscription includes free Windows Server installation. Program purchase option is offered with a two-year Windows Server.

Questions and Answers

Will trades be executed automatically?
The Domino platform includes three modules: Automated trading, DSS and Domino advanced lot sizing. The automated trading module automatically executes trades. DSS tries to close trade even if TP is not reached. Domino module increases trading efficiency.
Can I optimize my trades with the Domino?
Yes, you can upload your trades within the personal page tp-and let the Domino analyze your trading. You will then receive the configuration with the most efficient settings.
Do I need to have my PC working 24/7?
The trading platform is required to be running during the trading hours (Monday 5:00 - Friday 20:00) GMT London time. You may use your PC, your VPS or Signalator free Windows Server.