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Signalator Adviser

The Adviser module takes the very best from the available signals including Domino, Gold, Robot and Energy. This module uses quantitive analysis to open trades with optimized lot sizing based on the current market conditions, trading performance and recent results. It will squeeze every bit of profit out of the existing strategy making it more reliable, profitable and less risky.

Trading signals vary by anticipated risk, expected monthly profit, number of trades, type of trading approach, the market analysis method and many more. The Adviser uses all the information from the past trades and results and the current market situation to adapt risk aka lot size to benefit the most from the trading activity.

ADVISER : combines the best signals to maximize profits and reduce risks using quantitive analysis

Adviser combines both these approaches and trading concepts to deliver more stable and optimized trading with smoothed equity growth curve. Increased profits, and reduced losses. Trading benefits under any market conditions (trending, side market, etc.) Adviser is a complicated system combining different approaches and strategies and uses money management within trading constantly changing the amounts of trading lots. The system fits trading under market conditions.

How Does The Adviser Work?

Autotrader executes trades automatically and uses various techniques within the quantitative analysis and by changing lot sizing delivers outstanding results. The exact algorithm cannot be disclosed but the overall concept is well described below.

While trading with the Adviser you won't see more or fewer trades, we won't be using a grid or martingale system. The whole effect is achieved by varying the size of trading based on developed calculations and templates.

Real Metatrader Account Examples

The best way to show how the Adviser works is to show a copy of a real account statement of one of our clients. A copy of this statement is available below. The paradoxical situation is shown. The overall result is -32 pips, whilst the total net profit in USD is $41.22 (4.0% net gain of the $1,000 account).

The following table shows how within only 9 trades resulting in -32 pips of profit, -$13 net profit that could be achieved with the recommended deposit trading turned into a $41 net profit account (4% net profit) and $54 difference.

Open Price
Close Price
Pips Result
0.04 lot USD Result
Net USD Result
Difference (Total)
Buy at 1872.57
Close at 1855.83
-167.4 pips
0 (0)
Buy at 1853.51
Close at 1861.33
78.2 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1860.62
Close at 1858.04
25.8 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1844.84
Close at 1843.89
9.5 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1824.82
Close at 1821.97
28.5 pips
0 (0)
Sell at 1822.95
Close at 1835.24
-122.9 pips
$36.87 ($36.87)
Buy at 1810.58
Close at 1813.53
29.5 pips
-$8.85 ($28.02)
Sell at 1819.75
Close at 1816.36
33.9 pips
$0 ($28.02)
Buy at 1812.96
Close at 1818.2
52.4 pips
$26.2 ($54.22)
-32.5 pips