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Signalator Forex Guaranteed Profits

The guaranteed profits subscription is a combination of several types of subscriptions. The guaranteed profits subscription is offered for three months (similar to a monthly subscription). Depending on a subscription, there are three milestones of 100, 150 and 200 pips during a subscription (similar to the guaranteed pips). You trade with the most efficient trading signals like with the managed account service.

The subscription is based on the Signalator signals set. You may subscribe to this signals set with a period-based subscription (from one month to two years). You may also buy guaranteed pips and use the guaranteed pips with this set. With the guaranteed profits subscription we guarantee you will make at least 100, 150 or 200 pips net profit within a subscription period. Otherwise, we will refund the total subscription cost.

Description and Conditions

Signalator guarantees you receive at least 100, 150 or 200 pips of net profit within your trading. How does it work? When you subscribe, we begin sending you forex signals. If you use automated trading, all trades are executed automatically. Pips calculation is based on the signals we send. Example 1. We send a signal to buy EURUSD at 1.1213 with TP level at 1.1235 and SL level at 1.1195. Then we close this signal at 1.1220 price. We made 7 pips net profit.

If you use SMS / Email alerts and manual execution of trades, we cannot control the execution of your alerts and hence your results cannot be considered as the basis for the calculation of pips. On the other hand, if you use automated trading hosted with the Signalator server, the execution is controlled by Signalator. All errors will be counted and your balance of pips will be updated accordingly.

Once you subscribe to the service, we begin pips counting. Your subscription is valid for three months. As soon as we make a subscribed number pips of profits, your subscription becomes a monthly subscription (i.e. we have fulfilled the obligation to provide at least a one hundred of pips and the refund of the initial payment won't be made even if the final result will be lower than a subscribed amount of pips).

The following hypothetical situations are provided for your consideration and a better understanding of the subscription (with the guarantee of 100 pips).

Situation 1. You subscribe on the first of July 2019. We make 10 trades within the first couple of days with a total net profit of 125 pips. From this point, your guaranteed profits subscription is fulfilled and is automatically converted to the monthly subscription with an expiration on the first of OCtober 2019. For the rest of the period, we make 200 pips more profits. Your total net profit is 325 pips.

Situation 2. You subscribe on the first of July 2019. During the whole period of trading until the first of October, the maximum net profit was below 100 pips. At the end of the subscription, you are free to renew the subscription without any charges or claim the refund.

Situation 3.You subscribe on the first of July 2019. By the 15th of July, the total net profit is 150 pips. Your subscription is switched to a monthly subscription. Within the next two weeks, the total loss is 250 pips. By the end of your subscription, the total profit is -100 pips. Your subscription will be renewed for the next month for free. However, this is the period based subscription. You cannot claim any refund. If you would like to make sure, you have the guaranteed profits, simply stop trading once your one hundred pips are made in your account.


Benefits and Features

The guaranteed profits forex signals subscription is compared mostly to the guaranteed pips subscription. Receive guaranteed forex results with the guaranteed profits subscription. There is one exceptional advantage compared to the guaranteed pips subscription - once you make the net profits your subscription is not expired, you continue receiving currency alerts for three months. If the trading period is favourable you will make significantly more than with the guaranteed pips. If the trading period if below average, you will cover the subscription fees. On the contrary to the period-based subscription, you will either receive profits or get your money back.


Questions and Answers
How do you guarantee my profits?
If we fail to provide a hundred pips of profit within the month of trading, we will refund the cost of subscription in full.
What if the total net profit is just several pips below the purchased amount?
The total net profit for the subscription must be 100, 150 or 200 pips or more. If we provide the net profits for 90,95 or even 99 pips (in case of 100 pips), you have the option to get the refund in full.
Are there any past results for the guaranteed profits subscription?
Yes, the subscription is based on the Signalator signals set. You may check the detailed past results here. However, we may add more signals to meet the targeted profit.
I couldn't execute a signal, what should I do?
If you did not execute a profitable trade, we would have to count the pips under these circumstances. We cannot control the execution on your side.
What is the period of subscription?
The subscription is offered for three months. Within this period we have to provide a subscribed number of pips to fulfil the conditions of a subscription.
Can I subscribe for more than 100 pips or more than three months?
Currently, the subscription is available with the following conditions - three months of trading with a minimum of 100, 150 or 200 pips net profit.