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Technical Indicators and Market Analysis

There are several ways to analyze the market: technical, chart and fundamental analysis. Regardless of a type of analysis you use, there is one primary objective - predict future price movements. We have checked millions of trading bars, dozens of indicators, various timeframes to find the most accurate and reliable indicators and its values. Signalator traders picked up and developed the most efficient and accurate forex indicators including RSI, ADX, SAR, STOCHASTIC, TVI, MACD and many more. These indicators are used for generating trading signals available throughout this website. Join our Tech Signals Telegram Channel for free profitable signals.

Further, you will find forex indicators with the current market values, commentaries from traders explaining its values, current market analysis direction. All this information is available for free 24*7. For a small monthly/yearly fee, you may get enhanced reports with several signals types (trend-following and counter-trend). Use these signals either as a basis for your trading or with a small deposit, demo trading or learning purposes.

Currency Pairs

The following table includes five the most popular indicators (TVI is the indicator developed by Signalator traders representing the strength of price movements). Click on the desired currency pair to view an exhaustive list of forex indicators, current market situation, charts and many more. Currently, only 15M data is used.

Technical indicators never provide 100% reliability. Moreover, the same indicator applied to the same trading instrument and on the same timeframe may and most likely will perform differently depending on the market conditions. We have been analyzing markets for many years and we offer first of all not the meanings themselves (which you can find anywhere), but their interpretations and readings you may use to trade and make profits. Connect to Free Signals Forex Telegram Channel to receive free currency signals.

If an indicator gives a buying signal, you will see its value in "green", vice versa an indicator showing a selling signal will be shown in "red". All assumptions are based on our view and may not reflect your expectations or knowledge.

Currency Last Close RSI STOCHASTIC ROC MACD TVI ADX Position
EURUSD 1.20702 36.7 28.52 -6.79 0.16 -29.96 30.63 Buy 1.20656
GBPUSD 1.39319 44.34 15.58 -4.66 -1.56 -21.75 8.73 Neutral
USDCAD 1.27268 62.74 93.47 15.5 -1.04 59.05 29.23 Sell 1.27257
XAUUSD (GOLD) 1734.33 51.32 96.39 33.79 15.68446 67.95 40.91 Overbought / Close Buy
GBPJPY 148.421 44.21 1.54 -12.58 -3.5674 -58.02 10.97 Buy 148.42100
AUDUSD 0.77054 40.25 30.77 -22.79 1.14 -41.26 24.02 Buy 0.76947
GBPAUD 1.8079 58.02 58.82 17.29 -4.71 39.9 38.96 Sell 1.80909
GBPCAD 1.77308 59.89 72.6 10.61 -3.45 51.51 19.31 Sell 1.77519
EURJPY 128.591 35.8 11.88 -14.44 -1.4638 -70.88 23.75 Buy 128.57100
EURNZD 1.66919 58.75 74.73 19.15 -1.63 48.85 28.36 Sell 1.66990
CADJPY 83.702 36.55 1.15 -23.84 -0.4007 -76.92 16 Buy 83.70200
USDJPY 106.533 49.13 20.71 -7.88 -1.3647 -59.29 22.56 Neutral
GBPCHF 1.26615 45.85 3.32 -16.32 -3.83 -62.54 15.78 Neutral
AUDJPY 82.093 39.63 24.06 -30.24 0.1811 -54.97 21.25 Neutral

Questions and Answers

Can I use these indicators to trade? How reliable are these indicators?
All indicators are widely used among traders around the world. You may use these indicators as the basis for your trading or as signals for beginners or newcomers.